Online Therapy for People with Hearing Impairment

Nowadays, you can literally find anything you need online. One of the growing trends on the internet is online therapy. Some people are skeptical about this trend, but it does help people in need of therapy.



The online therapy uses different tools such as online messaging, chat, email, internet phone, webinars, or video conferencing. Moreover, it can happen in two formats (1) time-delayed conversations such as email messaging, and (2) real-time such as in online chat or internet phone conversations.

Understanding Hearing Impairment

According to a report, 48 million Americans or 20% of their population have some degree of hearing impairment. Hearing impairment does not mean total loss of hearing – it is categorized in certain degrees which are mild, moderate, severe, and profound. People of all ages may experience gradual hearing impairment, and there are also different reasons for the causes such as high exposure to loud noises and aging.

People may experience hearing impairment suddenly or gradually, depending on the cause. It is not easy to see hearing impairment, but we can see its effects. Effects of hearing impairment on people may result in personality changes, aloofness, or confusion. When someone you know is experiencing hearing impairment, the best step to take is to acknowledge it.

“According to professors Pat Hulsebosch and Lynda Myers of Gallaudet University, hearing parents spend the first few years of the child’s life attempting to understand what it means to be physically and culturally deaf and what it means to be only visually-able in a hearing world. Only once parental acceptance of deafness occurs, can the parent-child relationship finally begin to flourish,” writes Robert T Muller Ph.D.


Online Therapy And People With Hearing Impairment

Treatments for people with hearing impairment are available. As mentioned, the type of treatment will vary depending on the need. The most common way of living with hearing impairment is using hearing aids. Other methods include cochlear implants, surgery, and the trend that is online therapy.

There are also hearing tests and applications available online to help people check if they may have a hearing impairment. A person’s overall well-being and health can be directly linked to hearing. Furthermore, studies reveal that ignoring a hearing impairment may increase the risk of social isolation, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and even dementia.

“Physical disability reminds the able bodied of our frailty and mortality, and mental disability gives us a glimpse into the invisible yet damaging world of cognitive and emotional distress,” writes Ryan Howes PhD, ABPP.

Advantages Of Online Therapy For People With Hearing Impairment

Online therapy has its advantages and disadvantages. Yes, it is a growing trend, but it is not for everyone. A person with a hearing impairment must be able to gauge and know if online therapy is for him or her.

Some people opt to go through online therapy because of its many advantages. People will not have to be concerned about the stigma of in-office therapy since other people won’t see them enter a therapist’s office. People tend to be more comfortable at home so maybe online therapy works best for them.

“Physical issues often have an emotional or psychological component and yet patients can be reluctant to visit yet another doctor,” writes Dawn Kingston Ph.D.


Online therapy can give the patients a sense of control. It is also better for some people who want more anonymity since there are other online tools they can utilize for therapy. Online therapy offers convenience and comfort, and it can be less expensive than going to the office of a therapist.

It is important to note that taking the first step to treatment is the best way to handle situations such as this. It is always better to take action rather than ignore it. For most people, it is not easy to undergo therapy, and maybe, online therapy might be their way.


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