Hearing Aid Updates 2017

You may have been wearing that hearing aid for several years now and probably experienced some issues related to its functions. The question to ask yourself now is, “should I upgrade mine?”

You should consider an upgrade if you are experiencing any buzzing and whistling sounds, you are having trouble hearing on the phone, and your hearing aids do not function as good as they used to before. It is better to change your hearing aids than continue using them.

This year, we have the newest innovations, latest concepts, and radical designs in hearing aid technology that can give you a run for your money! You can check the following hearing aids online and in the market for the specific price:

LiNX 3D Hearing Aids


Source: macrumors.com


This is a very impressive 3D hearing aid that is “made for iPhone”. This device boasts the following interesting features:

  • You will have 50% more improvement in speech identification in any kind of environment
  • You will have 80% more hearing of the sounds around you
  • You will have 40% better speech understanding in a noisy and crowded location


Signia- Pure 13 BT Primax Hearing Aids


Source: signia-pro.com

The company called Signia, formerly known as Siemens, introduced a new and interesting concept for hearing aids. This particular model is their first “Made for Iphone” innovation. They claim the following revolutionary features in the world of hearing:

  • It delivers top connectivity
  • Provides industry leading hearing care
  • Good energy consumption and battery life which means less battery changes for you
  • Connection between wearers and their hearing care professional is possible
  • Three levels of technology
  • This will be the “first telehealth supported hearing aid” in the market
  • iPhone motion sensors for better hearing in specific situations
  • High definition technology for binaural hearing



Unitron- Tempus Hearing Aids

Source: keytohearing.co.uk

Unitron came up with the newest and smallest rechargeable hearing aid. This model has five technology levels which aim to deliver improved conversations for wearers.

These five technology levels will let you hear automatically in every kind of conversation even with a noisy background. It will also help you focus on speech that is coming from different directions.

Phonak- Virto B-Titanium Invisible Hearing Aids


This is Phonak’s newest concept in hearing aid design; they made use of medical grade titanium for its outer shell, making it first time a manufacturer used this specific kind of metal. It was used to create the most discreet hearing aid or should we say the smallest one in the market.

It features three kinds of receivers, which will enable you to cover hearing loss better than before. It has larger vents that can benefit you with less occlusion especially, if you have low frequency hearing capability.

The metal titanium is radically strong, which made it possible for Phonak to make the design thinner and slimmer but still robust. It is said to be an almost invisible hearing aid that has a very good fit in the ears.


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